Database Building

We will create a call list and contact all available property owners in your area, growing your database and boosting your presence

Per 200 Calls We Guarantee:

  • 10-20 Results – results being a mixture of New CRM Contacts & Appointments

Buyer Enquiry

We will call through your OFI call back books

Per 125 calls We guarantee:

  • 10-20 Results consisting of below:

  • Find New CRM Contacts

  • Identify potential sellers/potential managements

  • Help identify ‘A’ buyers (financed and ready to buy now). Qualify buyers and discover criteria



K2X Contacts officers will call through your database and identify any potential listing opportunities.

Per 200 Calls We Guarantee:

  • 3-6 appointments

  • Clean your data – updating property & email addresses

  • Qualification on any potential sellers populating your database

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