Once prospective clients have made it into your database, its important to ensure they don’t
just sit there and become dormant.
The reason we found so much success when starting K2X is that there was a glaring hole in
the industry. Most people simply stop calling their clients after being in the industry for a
while. Every agent has had the experience of jumping online and seeing a home listed that
they have been to and was sitting in their database for the last couple of years without a

Perhaps they saw it and thought about calling it but call reluctance got the better of them. Soon, enough time had passed that it felt uncomfortable and slightly embarrassing to make contact. So, they left it there scrolling past it on the daily, the uncomfortable elephant, in the room that is their database.

When we break it down, an extra 3 calls to stay in contact over those couple of years would
have made all the difference. When you consider that the average GCI per sale in most
areas is anywhere from $15,000 – $20,000, it becomes apparent that we are talking about
an estimated return of $5000 per call. I am sure if someone handed you $5000 every time
you picked up the phone and dialled a number, you would be hard pressed to find much
else that you wanted to do.

So we can all agree that we need to nurture our database. Now the question is what do we call about? There’s nothing worse than calling without a reason, as it becomes very clear to the client very quickly that that is the case. This simply results in them feeling that their time is being wasted and ultimately damaging your relationship with the client. Ultimately in a warm call there are four main outcomes that we can achieve – booking an appointment, updating data, providing value through information/furthering the relationship, or obtaining information on future plans.

The benefit of appointments is glaringly obvious to us, a face-to-face meeting is worth many
many phone calls. Updating data makes it easy and streamlined to keep contact and provide
valuable information to clients and the benefit of building a better relationship with your
clients is also glaringly obvious. The complete picture of why information on future plans is
so valuable might not be so apparent at first glance.

If you gave most agents the option of discovering a client in their database who is ready to
make a decision on an agent in the next 4 weeks or one that is considering selling in the next
24 months, 99% would choose the former. The real benefit of figuring out someone’s plans
that are 24 months away is the opportunity to build that relationship over that time. If done
correctly and if enough value is added, you should be able to get that listing uncontested.
The problem with heading into a listing presentation without that relationship is ultimately a
certain percentage of the market are always going to base their decision on who is the

We previously mentioned that many of my client’s number one rated factor in choosing an
agent was trust. So clearly one of the best ways to separate yourself from competition
besides a unique and well explained process is by building trust.
How do we build trust? Simply be frequently contacting our clients and assisting them with
whatever we possibly can. By giving and giving and giving until the client hopefully is able to
give back.
Frequency builds trust, trust builds sales

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