Why then do so many salespeople in the modern day avoid the phone like the plague. What is it that leaves us staring at the phone, rather than picking it up and dialling? What is it that drives salespeople to fix their desks, adjust papers, complete administrative tasks and do just about anything BUT the activity that is directly responsible for bringing them more business and therefore more money?

Simply put it is fear. The fear of social rejection. When you think really hard about it, this is a completely illogical fear. Whether the person on the other end of the line wants what you are offering, has no true bearing on your life. Despite this if you’ve ever felt this fear then you know it can be absolutely crippling. It can almost feel like a life-or-death situation. That’s because once upon a time in human history exclusion from the tribe really did mean certain death. The lack of support, lack of resources and lack of protection that resulted from social exclusion was a sure-fire way to ensure an early demise.

Unfortunately for our inner tribesman, Real Estate is one of those industries where you simply cannot avoid picking up the phone. There is nothing better for conquering this fear than the confidence that comes with mastering your craft. That is why I have written this book, to shed some light on the mysterious and sometimes baffling world of phone prospecting in the Real Estate industry. The following pages are a compilation of the lessons

I have learnt through my many hours spent on the phone, both as a young real estate agent and as the owner of a phone prospecting company.

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