Always ask the difficult question
So many of the greatest things in life lie on the other side of a scary question. Take asking
someone you like out on a date or asking your boss for a promotion as an example.
Although nerve racking situations, you simply aren’t going to get anywhere without putting
yourself out there and asking the confronting question.
Similarly in our careers we can find ourselves in situations where huge rewards lay on the
other side of putting ourselves in a vulnerable state and asking a difficult question.
I remember chasing a client of mine for 6-12 months during my time in real estate. Despite
him answering the calls and being polite and courteous, I felt very strongly in my heart of
hearts that he didn’t intend on running with me for the upcoming sale of his home. I spoke
to my boss at the time, and was instructed to take off the real estate hat, lower my guard,
be as genuine as possible and ask him why he was apprehensive about using me? So, I did.
“John, can I ask you something? I’m really excited about the idea of helping you make your
next move; however I feel like there might be a little bit of apprehension about employing
me for the upcoming sale of your home. I just wanted to ask if that was the case and what
your concerns might be?”
Turns out he felt that because I was an out of area agent, I was unlikely to be as good an
option as the local agent he had a relationship with.
Asking this question gave me the opportunity to cut through the crap and isolate the
blockage. I explained the benefit of out of area buyers, bringing different more affluent
markets into the sale that may not have necessarily considered his suburb and why this
would translate to increased competition and a better result for him at auction.
He was satisfied with the reasoning, and I eventually got a call to present to him and listed
the property. None of this would have been possible without asking the question. If asking
the question scares you, more often than not it is something you need to be asking.

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